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Why I love my old fashioned brother

Some of you guys (and girls, but I like thinking that guys make the majority of my visitors lol) that actually visited my about me page or have at least carefully read my posts, know that I have a brother named Max, who means a world to me. Unfortunately, I don’t see him as much as I would like to, since his job as a graphics designer at takes a lot of his time and my job has me flying from one place to the other, but he came by to my apartment and we managed to talk for hours.

I just forgot how positive Max can be and he really cheered me up. It’s not always easy to move from place to place all the time without being able to put down roots anywhere. Don’t get me wrong, I love my job and all those fabulous places, but I guess these thoughts come with being a woman. Anyway, Max reminded me about my qualities. He is really a great listener and has great advices to give, even though he is younger than me. In fact, Max surprises me with his level of maturity sometimes, he has a steady relationship with this really cute girlfriend Joanna. He always gives her small presents like flowers, chocolate or writes love quotes and leaves the notes on her pillow and even Joanna herself told me he is the best boyfriend in the world. Between you and me, I like to think I played a part in raising him that way. I would just love to find someone a little-bit old fashioned like him and I promised him that we will go on a double date, as soon as my meet him.