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The secrets of a flight attendant

I read a very interesting article online recently about the characteristics of the flight attendant’s job and I really had a good laugh. They really nailed it, I could have recognized myself in many of the things written there, so I just thought to write a few lines about it.

First of all, it’s true, we work our aDOUBLE-Ses off, frequently 12 hours and more and it is really hard to maintain the smile and the looks. I’m not complaining, it comes with the job as well as many of the good things, but sometimes you’re just too tired or even sad to keep a smile all the time. Still, I happened to come across to a nice, polite passengers often, so they quickly remind me why I’m so glad to be in their service, so they can have a pleasant flight.

And one of the most tiring things is sleeping in hotel rooms. While those are often beautiful hotels, it just stops you from having a place of your own. True, I have the apartment in Amsterdam where I come occasionally, but that’s sometimes just not nearly enough. I guess it’s actually me, since I am close to my thirty and already thinking about something that couldn’t have crossed my mind five or ten years ago.

I would like to have the opportunity of settling down sometimes in my life, and until then I will quote the article I read – this job is better than other jobs! I know it sounds contradictory now, but it really is, incredible adventures, interesting people, visiting all those places you always wanted…