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Mystery resolved or Matilde meets James

Being a flight attendant, you don’t always work with same people, but there is a pretty young pilot (and when I say young, I think a couple years older than me) who sometimes flies with me on routes from New York to Amsterdam. We never did a lot of talking, but I knew that he had a little daughter and that he is an American who lives in New York.

Well, it turns out I will have an opportunity to find out more about James. Yes, that’s his name. Remember the roses that were waiting for me when I got to the apartment in Amsterdam? Yep, you are right, he is my secret admirer! To be honest, I just don’t know is that a good thing.

This is how it all happened. While we were in Amsterdam, he asked me to show him around a little bit, as he had no friends in the city. I accepted it and headed to the place where we should meet. He was waiting for me with wrapped chocolates in his hand, which had a note on them saying ‘for Matilde’ in Dutch. I recognized the handwriting from the note on the roses and figured out it was him.

He’s a nice, warm guy, who’s by no means assailant so I didn’t run off, instead of that I gave him the opportunity to explain. He told me he was recently divorced (hence the daughter), but his wife left him for another guy, since he was often away from home. We actually had a nice chat, although I’m not sure I’m into him (as a matter of fact, I’m pretty sure I’m not), but we made a deal to just stay in contact for now.

It’s actually a complicated situation and I don’t like those, but he really made my day, because I really like men who didn’t forget how to behave towards women.