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Men are pigs

I have to say, most of the people travelling on my flights are so positive and nice that I really couldn’t be more proud and happy of the job I’m doing. But, on the other hand, there’s the dark side of the coin and, from time to time, I’m just annoyed how some people (read: men) can behave to others (read: women).

What happened? It was a route from New York to Amsterdam, a normal flight until I have notices a middle aged man looking at me weirdly. I could recognize that kind of look and I already felt kind of molested, but I assured myself it was just a delusion since I was pretty tired. But while I was standing next to him (he was by the aisle) pouring drinks he faked making himself comfortable in the seat and bumped my behind with his hand. I was learned to respect the passengers and, then again, there was the possibility it was really an accident (no, it wasn’t), so after I gave him an angry look and he responded with an unconvincing ‘Sorry’, I just said that it is not a problem and smiled. Although, I guy sitting next to him seemed to notice what he tried to do and was hardly controlling his laugh in this situation.

The major incident happened not long afterwards. He asked for help and when I came by to see what he needs, he actually said he has been having problems unlocking his zipper and could use some help in the bathroom! I was so furious, but also felt ashamed so I managed to stutter the answer ‘We don’t offer a helping hand’, which was received with a laugh from the guy next to him and, luckily, a no comment from the man in question. Needless to say, I couldn’t wait for the flight to end as I would blush each time when I was near him. Why are men such pigs, can’t they just be nice?