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Is serving drinks all I do?

I love my job. Almost always, and even in those moments when I don’t cherish it that much, I quickly forget about it and I start loving it again. In fact, I think that more people should know about how it is being a flight attendant. Some guy recently said he thought that all they do is that they waitress in the sky, but that is just not true. Actually, my friends, serving your drinks is practically last thing on my list of duties.

First thing I worry about is that you feel safe and secure. You know, if anything goes wrong up there, you will have to rely on me and my co-workers. It’s not like we can quit at that moment. Of course, except in serious situations, we are there to help any passenger in distress. In fact, recently, I resolved a conflict between two mature passengers, ordering them to sit down and talk nicely with each other. They listened to me, which made me very proud of my abilities.

Oh, and let me just tell you one more thing. When everything goes the way it should, I technically do server a 200-seat table, but keep in mind that this doesn’t mean you should offer me tips. In fact, the airline doesn’t allow us to accept them and, to be honest, it’s often awkward. Please don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love being appreciated and it is nice that passengers feel that they should thank me in some way, but actually, a simple thank you with a smile on your faces does miracles.

Ultimately, I’m there to make your trip comfortable, and if I see that you’re feeling that way, well that’s more than enough for me.