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I’m more than proud of my Dutch roots and always love when I’m in my hometown, which happens to also be the biggest city in the whole country. This is why I will abuse owning of this blog to write a few lines about Amsterdam.

Let me tell you one thing, Amsterdam is beautiful. A lot of people associate it with Red light district (yup, that’s where the ones you pay are), but there’s so much more than that. For instance, if you find yourself in this city, be sure to visit the Amsterdam’s Canal Belt. Did you know that 165 canals encircle the city? Who cares about Venice, Amsterdam’s the way to go.

Flowers is one of the symbols of my hometown and my country and one of the most famous places where you can buy tulips is Bloemenmarkt. Since cycling is also very popular in Amsterdam, I suggest you head down there on bikes.

I just realized that I would need a lot of space to write everything I wanted about Amsterdam. There’s like more than a million things to do in the city, so you will be thrilled, whether you’re spending just a couple of days or you’re here for the longer stay.

Unfortunately, I don’t get to spend the amount of time I would in Amsterdam, because my job often takes me to other places. But, I just love every time I’m here, whether I’m just staying at my apartment and watching TV or I’m enjoying a picnic in the Vondelpark, which is one more thing that should be on your list of things to do when visiting.

Oh, and I just have to mention my brother Max, who makes Amsterdam even prettier than it is already.