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How to catch a CFO fish

I could have been part of an amazing love story. Cliché, maybe, but still a love story and that’s something us women fall to. Anyway, it was just a regular flight and I was sipping drinks to the passengers, when I accidently spilled hot tea all over the pants of a guy sitting by the aisle (yes, that place exactly). I gazed at him before I started serving drinks and he looked gorgeous – white shirt, a suit and a nice dark blue skinny tie and I had to tell Marta how beautiful he is. But then, all blushed, I just wanted to run away as far as I can, even if it means jumping out of a plane.

Fortunately, he just smiled at me and although I thought it was from all the warmth around his…you know, it turned out that he liked me. We talked a little bit during the flight and he seemed like a nice guy. Besides, he is a CFO of the anonymous proxy company , so apparently he is a pretty good catch. But, that wasn’t the main reason I decided to go out on a date with him, just so you know ha, ha.

A couple of days after the flight he invited me on a date (with a plea to keep his pants dry this time) and we went to a fancy restaurant. I don’t know if it was from all the hot coffee or the pressure in the plane, but he seemed rather dull and I was bored out of my mind. Maybe hot coffee can get a guy out of his pants, but if you want a girl out of her pants you need to know how to make her laugh. He didn’t do it once, so I didn’t have any other choice but to forget him quickly.

Oh, well, plenty of fish in the sea.