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Finally decided, I started working out!

Remember how I told you that life goes by quickly and you should make the most of it while you can and use every opportunity? Well, I decided to do that exactly!

The first thing to do will be running a healthy life, so as step one I started exercising. Due to my specific job, I can’t exactly go to the gym often, so I decided for exercising at home and doing aerobic exercises and other cardio stuff, but I have to tell you that, as soon as the couple of days went by, I started feeling so much better, fitter and stronger. Physical activity should be a very important aspect of everyone’s life, and since I’m a single person, err I’m fairly limited in some aspects of physical activity…but exercising helps me feel so much better of myself and, to be honest, I put up with flying often more easily. So, advice to everyone, exercise!

Of course, nutrition is also the important thing. Now, I don’t believe in those strict regimes, not for me at least, as with all the different time zones and travelling, it’s impossible to stick to them. But, on the other side, you don’t have to eat all those greasy meat stuff that will just mess with your organism (or send you to the bathroom). Take a banana here, an apple there, drink a lot of orange juice instead of beer or Coca Cola (this was a hard one to give up) and I guarantee you, you will feel much better in no time.

Of course, everything comes from the mind, so ensure to endure a healthy mind by laughing a lot and spending time with dear and interesting people. Love, M