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Don’t you just love duty-free shopping?

I’m a girl. I like shopping. That’s the whole wisdom. But, being a flight attendant gives me one advantage compared to other women, I have a fairly regular access to duty free shops and boutiques.

One of the duty-free zones I just have to praise is the one in Frankfurt. I’m not that often in Germany, because I usually fly the airplanes to Amsterdam, but from time to time I have the opportunity to wander through the duty-free zone.

My weakness are bags. I know for most women is shoes, but I like the fact that I’m unusual, so I’m proud of the fact bags are my favorite. I have tons of them, branded, unbranded, small, big, white, black, colorful ones and I think that every time I get myself a new one. Outside of work uniforms, I also love short skirts (I’m fairly tall and my legs are fairly long, so I tend to use my attributes) in combination with a matching blouse. As most women, I’m not immune to good shoes with high heels. Women are just more elegant with heels on and I believe a woman should use every opportunity to wear them. And, that is why I decided to surprise myself with new shoes! This time, the red ones 🙂

But please don’t think I’m selfish, as I always think about my family and friends. My brother Max always gets a good wine or a pack of cigars and my friend Marta can’t wait for me to come back and bring her a chocolate package. She basically waits me at the gate, just like a dog, so these items are also a must on my shop list for a duty-free zone.