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About me

Hello, world and welcome to my blog! 🙂

My name is Matilda Visser, I was born in Amsterdam, so I’m a Dutch nationality, something I’m very proud of. On the other hand, I’m less proud of the fact that I was born 29 years ago, since…well, oh, my God, I can’t believe I’m really that old.

Anyway, I’m currently working for American Airlines, an airline company from the United States (I know, you’re all like you don’t say, we would’ve got that from the name). Actually, to be precise, I’m a flight attendant on transatlantic flights between USA and Europe. I really love doing my job, especially since I often work on flights between Bew York and Amsterdam, which enables me to spend a little bit of my time in my home town and home country, and I just love that. Besides that, because of this job I have visited many interesting places and seen many interesting countries, not to mention the fact that I often meet numerous interesting people. After all, I’m a Sagittarius so I just love to travel and meet new people.

I’m currently single, which is another thing that I should appreciate if I consider my horoscope sign, but I guess I’m getting mature enough to think about some of those classic love stuff, finding your Prince Charming which will take you to your fairytale. Well, up until now no princes, only the horses have crossed my path, but I don’t mind that too much.

Until Mr. Right comes, my brother Max is guy number one in my world. I just love him so much, he means a lot to me. He works as a graphics designer at (he’s not an addict, don’t worry…well, at least he says he’s not :)) and because of our jobs we don’t see each other nearly enough, but he sometimes comes to visit me in my apartment in Amsterdam and then we talk for hours.