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A woman got lost, found watching a basketball game in MSG

Hello, dear friends. I had the opportunity to visit an NBA game and see the New York Knicks basketball team live!  Well, I actually wasn’t that thrilled, but my friend Marta is actually a Knicks fan and, since she had an extra ticket because she broke up with her boyfriend, I decided to accompany her. Madison Square Garden is not unfamiliar to me, I was there for several concert, the best one being Billy Joel’s one. Man, it was great.

This time, I didn’t even know what to expect. I mean, I watched football (soccer, for all my American fans :)) when Ajax played in Amsterdam, but I never understood basketball. We didn’t actually have courtside seats, since they are expensive, but if it’s any consolation, at the beginning I saw Olivia Wilde from up far and, since she’s one of my favorite actors, the evening was already a success.

One more interesting thing was the kiss cam, which I saw for the first time in my life (I’m just not into sports). I constantly asked when the next time-out will occur so that I can see if the guys on camera will kiss each other.  Oh, my God, what if they zoomed in on me and Marta, would I have to kiss her? I’m sure she would have gotten t me first.

On the court there were some mostly black guys shooting some ball to the basket, missing it more than hitting it (I was told that wasn’t exactly a successful season for the Knicks) and in the end Pelicans won (I believe they are from New Orleans…or New something), which made Marta quite sad and nervous. But, we talked through her break up during the game and I managed to make her feel better