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The city of love and the French accent

I know they’re saying that all roads lead to Rome, but as far as I’m concerned, I totally wouldn’t mind if all my roads lead to France and Paris in particular. I used some free time that I had to visit Palais-Royal gardens, which are treated as one of Paris’s best secrets. Palais-Royal used to be a royal residence (well, duh) but now is a home to some very beautiful gardens. There is no noise, so you can enjoy you coffee while enjoying the view or you can wander through some of many boutiques located here. Besides that, I was told that here’s the home of two best French glove makers…am, can’t exactly remember their names.

And the best thing, I was told all that in English language, but with a French accent, which is something that might easily be the most beautiful thing in the world. If you ever plan on coming to France and I would say that at least one visit to Paris in your life is a must, I would definitely recommend you to take a cruise tour on Seine. You will see all beauties of Paris and practically every landmark this city is known by. It is just a special feeling seeing this incredible bridges as the guide talks about them in some kind of a soft English.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get to meet many locals, if you don’t count people working in boutiques or bars, but I guess it’s one of the curses of the job – you’re never long enough in one place so you can make true friends. Despite that fact, Paris is always going to be a place I will gladly visit and a city that really soothes me.