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The beauty of Berlin

Most times I’m the flight attendant on route from New York to Amsterdam, but my company sometimes gives me other routes to, which makes it possible to see some pretty amazing places. One of the last places I visited was Berlin, the capital of Germany.

Even though it is just next to my home country the Netherlands, I never had the opportunity to visit Germany. This time we had a day to ourselves in Berlin, so the three of us, my colleagues Rose and Diane and me, decided to go for a picnic. Our pilot visited Germany earlier and told us to go to Grunewald (hope I’m writing this right) if we want a green forested area.

He wasn’t wrong, Grunewald is an incredibly big park with trees and everything and is really an incredible place to just relax, it so peaceful that you have no clue you are still in a big city. We hiked through the woods for hours talking about various things and checking out some guys with mandatory remarks on their looks (if you thought only guys do that, you were wrong).

I also tried something for the first time in my life. I’m talking about horseback riding which, if you don’t count the ponies in my childhood, I never did until now. I’m not so fond or riding a horse since I’m really afraid of falling down. But, my brownish friend and I immediately liked each other, it was love at first sight and he was really gentle to me, so I got to my destination safely.

It was a beautiful day, we laughed really hard, reminiscing all the nice and funny things that happened to us. On days like this I just cherish being a flight attendant.