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Why I love my old fashioned brother

Some of you guys (and girls, but I like thinking that guys make the majority of my visitors lol) that actually visited my about me page or have at least carefully read my posts, know that I have a brother named Max, who means a world to me. Unfortunately, I don’t see him as much…

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Celebrity on plane or Matilde meets Wentworth

Oh my God, oh my God, oh my god! I’m simply ecstatic as I got to meet Wentworth Miller on my flight! Girls reading this blog will relate with me – you know when you fantasize about some celebrity (in a nice way, not in a dirty one) and every time you see him on…

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I’m more than proud of my Dutch roots and always love when I’m in my hometown, which happens to also be the biggest city in the whole country. This is why I will abuse owning of this blog to write a few lines about Amsterdam. Let me tell you one thing, Amsterdam is beautiful. A…

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Is serving drinks all I do?

I love my job. Almost always, and even in those moments when I don’t cherish it that much, I quickly forget about it and I start loving it again. In fact, I think that more people should know about how it is being a flight attendant. Some guy recently said he thought that all they…

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